• Tips: How to fit your bike

    Tips: How to fit your bike

    In order to enjoy cycling the choice of proper bike type is very important.
    The bike equipment is also fundamental, because the fun only starts if the cycle is comfortable, and also satisfies the anatomical and physiological conditions of the cyclist. In particular, comfort is reached with the proper frame size, right choice and adjustments of the components in contact with the cyclist’s body:

        The handlebar and grips


        The saddle


      And the pedals

    These 3 contact points between body and bicycle must be considered with particular care and satisfy the following standards:
    Individuality (body mass, etc.)

        Ergonomics/functionality (anatomy/health)


        Differentiation (area of use, requirements)



    Fun and enjoyment are only obtained if all this fits and only so will the bicycle become that which it can be – the motor for a healthy and fulfilled life!

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