The Beginning

Galiz Cycling Team was initially created in April 2008, when a group of family and friends decided to recreationally participate and contribute to the Multiple Sclerosis charity Ride (MS150) taking place from Miami to Key Largo. At that time, the group consisted of father and son, ex-girlfriends and a friend.

In both, Dade and Broward County, there has always been a large number of cycling enthusiasts riding along the roads of the city in large groups as well as solo riders.

The Team’s initial seed was grounded by three good friends (Eliezer Maldonado, Luis Pedraza Jr, and Jean Michael Avenia). The main objective was initially to take part in the MS150 charity ride. Shortly after the three friends were joined by Jean’s father (Mr. John Avenia) and Luis’ father (Mr. Luis G Pedraza) the group was growing, and finally the last initial member Jean’s ex-girlfriend joined in (Michelle Martinez). The team was sponsored by Galiz Research, a Miami based company specialized in the conduction and management of clinical trials. Galiz Research has been known for reaching out to the community in charity events and is supportive of sporting events in the youth and the adult areas.


Our Mission

The Galiz Cylcing is committed to advocate health & fitness through the sport of cycling. We promote a safety and comradeship, creating an environment that produces friendships and meaningful connections.