• The benefits of cycling

    The benefits of cycling

    Back pain is often the direct result of lack of exercise. This leads to a reduction in nourishment for the inter-vertebral discs. The result is that the function of the discs changes with the discs no longer able to fulfil their allotted task of supporting therequired weight. However, there are three ways in which cycling can help overcome back problems. Firstly, through set physical exercise, the discs receive more nourishment which aids their development. Secondly, the large muscles in the back strengthen and develop through cycling. Lastly, cycling aids the stabilisation of the individual vertebrae relative to one another. This is achieved by strengthening the ‘small’ muscles responsible for supporting the individual vertebrae.

    A general cause of knee pain is often attributed to the breakdown of cartilage. Excessive stress placed on the joint, for example by jogging, or being over weight, restrict or deny the supply of nourishment to the cartilage. Consequently the cartilage is weakened and starts to break down. The knee starts to hurt as it denied minerals essential to the cartilage. Since the cartilage has no blood vessels of its own, the transfer of minerals occurs through diffusion. Movement of the knee joint therefore encourages the nourishment of the cartilage. Cycling is one of the least stressful ways of exercising the knee joint and therefore is an excellent way of strengthening the cartilage.

    The heart is our only “motor” and for this reason we should take particular care of it. Stress symptoms and hardening of the arteries (arteriosclerosis) for example have a detrimental effect on the heart resulting in high blood pressure. To get through the narrowed blood-vessels the same amount of blood has to travel faster and with fully-closed arteries a heart attack may occur. Cycling can improve the blood circulation in a large number of ways. Most importantly the heart will be working more economically because the pumping performance becomes more efficient – it leads to a drop in the overall blood pressure thus reduces the risk of heart disease.

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